Lyrics From Lockdown/Bryonn Bain Win LA Solo Performance of the Year


The 2018 Stage Raw Theater Awards celebrate excellence on the Los Angeles stages with multiple awards for Lyrics From Lockdown.

The 2018 Stage Raw Theater Awards celebrate excellence on the Los Angeles stages in venues of 99-seats or under. This fourth annual edition included productions that opened between January 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. Stage Raw is a community funded professional journalism website that was created in response to the decline of arts coverage in local mainstream and alternative media.The Awards ceremony was held Monday night, August 20, at Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles, hosted by Coeurage Theatre Company, and co-directed by Jer Adrianne Lelliott, Thaddeus Shafer and Lauren Ludwig. Full winners list notated below.

Lyrics From Lockdown Wins

Bryonn Bain, HLS Graduate and hip hop/mixed media artist, performs and teaches inside Farkas Hall at Harvard University. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer


1. Omolara Abode, Lyrics From Lockdown, The Actors’ Gang

2. Nicholas Acciani, 33 Variations, Actors Co-op


1. Jake Anthony, The View Upstairs, Celebration Theatre

2. Gina Belafonte, Lyrics From Lockdown, The Actors’ Gang

3. Jennifer Lin, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Celebration Theatre


1. Giovanni Adams, Love Is A Dirty Word, VS Theatre

2. Alex Alpharaoh, WET: A DACAmented Journey, Ensemble Studio Theatre L.A.

***RECIPIENT: 3. Bryonn Bain, Lyrics From Lockdown, The Actors’ Gang

4. Keight Leighn, A(partment 8), The ABC Project

5. Ronnie Marmo, I Am Not a Comedian . . . I’m Lenny Bruce, Theatre 68

6. Tina Preston, Don’t You Ever Call My Anything But Mother, Open Fist Theatre Company

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