Letter From Death Row


I read everything I could find on you. Had my lady make copies of “Walking While Black.” Passed them out to all the brothers on Death Row. You write pretty good. ​

​ What you should write about is what goes on in here. Last night, a guard was spitting on a mentally retarded prisoner…just because he was bored. Prisoners started yelling and set fires in protest.

​ Five guards dressed in vests, shields, helmets and carrying batons, entered and hit me with blows to my head and abdomen. I fought back the best I could, but was dragged to the ground, handcuffed, then shackled.

​ I was thrown head first down two flights of stairs. Landed in a puddle of my own blood. Got cuts everywhere.

​ But I’m surviving,


Many people have asked how they can help. Contributing to Nanon Williams’ education is an important way to support Nanon in his quest for justice. Checks can be made payable to goodmedia press and mailed to 25 Highland Park Village, 100-810, Dallas, TX 75205. Please send a note or indicate in the memo section that this is for Nanon’s college fund or use PayPal. For more on Nanon Williams, go to NanonWilliams.com.

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