lyrics from lockdown show

Lyrics from Lockdown is an internationally acclaimed expose of the ways race, class, power and privilege shape prisons and policing in America. It is a story of survival revealing how the justice system can radically change a young person’s life.

In this one-man show, Bryonn Bain tells his own unbelievable true story by weaving together the voices of over 40 characters into an extraordinary, tour de force developed in prisons nationwide. Performing a fusion of hip hop, theater, spoken word, rhythm and blues, comedy, calypso and classical music, this award-winning multimedia production features a live band, beat boxer and video DJ.

The story reveals how Bain’s experience behind bars led to his transformative friendship with death row survivor Nanon Williams.  Sentenced to death at age 17 for a crime he did not commit, Williams wrote Bain from Death Row after reading his story over a decade ago. “His letters changed my life,” says Bain, “and he asked me to share his story. The parallels linking our lives — despite the distance between our roots in Brooklyn, LA and Houston — reveal how so many unjustly incarcerated are inspiring a movement to free ourselves and others.”