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America has been infected since 1492. Over 500 years later, it continues to claim lives. A Black person is killed by the police every 28 hours in the US. As the world waits for a vaccine, revolutionary movements teach us: Art is medicine. Art is a weapon. Art is a tool for resistance. Art is the tip of the spear. Art is the way we survive, heal and transform trauma and tragedy into alchemy.


Uplift the movement for Black lives by uploading MOVEMENT ART!
Post any work of movement art on Instagram using the hashtag: #RacismisaPandemic
Every week, the most moving work will be posted to this account: @RacismisaPandemic
Share poems, rhymes, photos, videos, songs, dances – ANY form used to fight for Freedom and Justice.
Share this video, donation link, and call to action, then let us see, hear and feel YOU! If not now, when?